Mind racing

IMG_8880.JPGMind racing

Feet pacing

Thoughts consumed of you.

How I miss you so much, yearn for your touch

How can we see this through?

Mind racing

Feet pacing

When will the finish line be in sight?

Lectures, chapters, quizzes, fees… Seems sometimes it’s to the breeze

But I’m giving it one last fight.


Memories of travel and places that beckon

They calm the mind, and halt the feet, for what seems like an eternal second


Breathing in sea water at Bondi Beach

Climbing mountains in Arequipa, with no human life in reach

The winding, beautiful roads on the way to San Marino

The calm canals in Venice early mornings, enjoying a cappuccino

The way the Eiffel tour glistens at night

The hundreds of bicycles in Amsterdam that take flight

Tower Bridge in London, standing with all of its glory

Nightlife in Bangkok… making for any good story


To the next place, that will inevitably steal a piece of my heart

I can’t wait to meet you and start.

But for now, mind racing, racing…



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