Proud to be an American

I am proud to be an American.

After this week, after Tuesday specifically, I am still proud to be an American.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to vote. I am grateful to have all the resources in the world available to me, to educate myself on my decision. And most importantly, I am grateful to be able to march the streets and stand in solidarity with my fellow Americans, who share the same views and beliefs that I do.

I think (and hope) this will bring us closer as a nation. The results of this election uniting us into one group. We are not just women, or Muslims, or immigrants. We don’t just belong to the LGBTQ group. We don’t just stand for black lives or women’s choice. We are Americans. We are a part of, belong to, and stand for all of it.

We should now use this as an opportunity to strengthen our views and goals for social issues and work that much harder in obtaining them. I hope this will motivate people to research, evaluate, and get involved on the forefront.

I won’t repeat the same thing you’ve seen on social media over the past few days. Everyone was enraged, in disbelief, in shock, in horror, in disparity, and now in some sort of peace & love for others. In that order.

Instead, I urge you to get more involved. To find something that you are truly passionate about and start making a difference. Because we CAN change things. For me, I care deeply about the environment and animals. After watching “Before the Flood” (which I HIGHLY recommend for everyone to watch, and not just because Leo stars & directs it) it’s more apparent than ever how much we are destroying our world. This year in particular, I saw the mass pollution in India and swam the Great Barrier Reef in Australia – witnessing some of the once beautiful coral dead due to warming water temperatures. The best way we can influence politians is through the dollar. If we change our purchasing habits, they will need to change their policies. So think about the products you purchase and how they are produced. Think about the food you consume and the carbon footprint it creates (great visual of beef production in the film!)

I’d like to close with this. This is not the end, but merely the beginning. How we continue from here will dictate the successfulness of our country for the next 4 years. Keep engaging in positive and healthy discussions with your family, friends, coworkers, and fellow Americans. Keep fighting for the issues that are important to you and the ones you love. And for those individuals that have recently said they “don’t care” or that “they don’t follow politics” or that people should “get over it and move on…” take a second look around you. You should care. If you think the issues that people are protesting about don’t affect you, they do. It’s the inclusion, democracy, and freedom that America is known for, so let’s keep it that way. Together. United. We’ll never be divided. pic1




“The protests are so much more than the results of the election. They are about the direction of the country and they stand as a reminder to our elected officials that we will not stand for misogyny, racism and gender bias.” – Unknown




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