1 Universe, 9 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, 7 Seas…

“…And I had the privilege of meeting you.”– Unknown

Once in a great while, you may be lucky enough to be awakened from your daily routine. You may have an interaction with a perfect stranger that feels completely raw and non-inhibiting. You may develop a fresh perspective, or rekindle past interest or desires. You could be forming a relationship with no known end result. Or no relationship at all, aside from this wonderful, brief interaction.

For me specifically, it remind me that I am in control of my life and can change any aspect at any time. It brought important topics and issues to light, away from the mundane problems we go through and the dramas our days may be filled with. It helped me view my life from a different angle – evaluate my career, my daily routine, the people I choose to spend time with, and my future goals and ambitions. It rekindled a fire for some of the bigger things I enjoy in life and I hope to share some of them here in the near future. Most importantly, it brought me a sense of teenage excitement & nervousness, while still calming me of the anxieties I had been going through professionally in the past few weeks.

You may be lucky enough to meet that someone for just a little while, to remind you of how much more there is out there.  quotes-the-great-difference_16937-0


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