There’s something very powerful about music to me. It’s like the modern day poetry, yet something even more. Music can evoke such emotion – whether it’s sadness, happiness, a memory, a feeling, or even a period in your life. Music transports me to a whole different world. I associate significant events in my life, every person that has touched me in some way, and every deep emotion to a song, or several depending on length of impact 🙂

Each song is so special, intimate in its own way. Here are a few that will always bring back a certain memory for me… {& if you don’t have soundcloud, you should get on it now}

My first real fest experience and what started it all: Lupe
Went I felt like every Banks song was written about me: Banks
Post India: Kyo
Cant even with this one… Jaymes


Always happy to hear recommendations so send me your favorites!


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