Garden Lasagna

I knew this lasagna would come out filling, yet super light & delicious… and it did not disappoint! Best of all, you can use this “recipe” simply as a guideline and substitute any or all of the ingredients for whatever you want! Buuuut these made a pretty good combo =)


These are the ingredients I used, but feel free to swap any of these for your favorites. By loading up on veggies, I ended up only using 3 layers of pasta sheets but you can certainly take them out altogether and use a hardy vegetable like eggplant!

  • – Zuch (lots & lots)
  • – Shaved carrots
  • – Mushrooms
  • – Banana Peppers (spicy!)
  • – Onions
  • – Marianna
  • – Cottage Cheese
  • – Fresh Parsley
  • – Lasagna Noodles
  • – Salt, Peppa, Oregano

*I would recommend not sautéing any of these beforehand. They will spend enough time in the oven to fully cook, but still maintain their freshness and some bite.*


Finished product before it got covered with aluminum foil and popped in the oven for 35-40 min at 350 degrees, then uncovered for the last 5 minutes w/ some sharp cheese

& if you don’t follow me on insta, check out a fast paced assembly video here: Instagram

(Because I wasn’t tech savy enough to figure out how to post it)


Bon Appetite!


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