Trip Down Under

While I’m waiting for my avocados to ripen for some more smashed avo, I can’t help but reminisce about my trip to Australia. After spending two months in India, I took Malaysia airlines (actually a great airline!) to Sydney, for a 2 week trip of perfection…


Sydney – Botanical gardens


Sydney – Bondi Beach


Sydney – Bondi Beach: The infamous pools and country club


Sydney- Bondi Beach: We walked about 5 miles to get here, and it was so worth it. incredible views


Sydney – Bondi Beach: & then ate our burned calories with these delish fish & chips


Katoomba, Sydney: Best day! Started with an amazing hike through an enchanting forest…


Katoomba, Sydney – To get this beautiful waterfall


Then we drove an hour through the Blue Mountains to get to Echo Park, home of the Three Sisters Rock Formation, which I got to climb down on!


And capped the day at Featherdale Wildlife Park – a wildlife sanctuary that saves any wounded or abandoned animals. You got to just walk around and pet all the animals as they roamed around 🙂


Obviously goats are my favorite animal (aside from cats…)



Off to Brisbane for a few days!



Brisbane: An all day hike through trails and forests, to end with this gorgeous view of downtown Brisbane


Brisbane: There was a whole story dedicated to this glorious concoction! MMmmm




Brisbane: Stopped in for some beers the next afternoon and after a 2 min burst of rain, there was a double rainbow! (one of several we saw throughout the trip)


Cairns: 1st day started with a seafood lunch at the harbor and spontaneously hoping on one of these boats for an afternoon fishing trip



Cairns: Words (or this picture) cannot describe how beautiful this lake was, right off the Coral Sea.



Caught this little babe and threw him back


Cairns: Next day was on a much, much bigger boat. We went two hours out in the Coral Sea to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef



Sydney: Back in Sydney before flight back to India. The entire pier at the Opera House turns into a beer garden, such a great view!


Sydney airport: Obvi I’m obsesssssed with sushi, and these hand-held rolls were everywhere, couldn’t get enough!


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