The journey begins!

The journey begins!

And there isn’t a better way to start it then with my first experience in business class. I almost didn’t want it to be this awesome, you know for sake of turning into “those” people… but wow. I’m sitting next to the window, only one on this aisle, in my cute little pod. There are 3 pull out tables, the main one which I embarrassingly couldn’t close for minutes – newb.

Greeted with champagne, naturally as it’s a fricken celebration to be this dam special at life, and I have ordered my entrée for my 4-course lavish dinner, accompanied by wine pairings at each course. Instead of the standard little screen at the back of the cramped seat in front of you, I have my own personal tablet. The pod is also adorned with a compact case full of toiletries to re-freshen, OH and the blanket and pillow are the REAL deal. I mean at this point, do I even want to get out of the plane when we land in London?! Oh wait… I do, because once we land, individuals with business class tickets get to “enjoy the American Airlines Arrivals Lounge” where you can get a hot breakfast, even more alcohol, showers, fresh towels, and a fully equipped business center. Yes, that’s right, all free. Well I guess my $6,000 ticket is paying for it, but still.

So with this, I am powering off to get back to my new life (for the next 7 hours). I promise, to myself mostly because who knows how many people are actually reading this, to continue blogging throughout all my travel and share all of my experiences, adventures, and thoughts. If I just stopped thinking (and overthinking) life would be so much easier… and boring! 🙂

Cheers mates!


I had to.


2 thoughts on “The journey begins!

  1. Hey, sorry to bother, you lost something recently and I found it in Downtown Chicago. I left you a message on FB. Please check your inbox and contact me when you can so that arrangements can be made for you to retrieve it.

    Pito Rodriguez


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