It’s 4:50AM in Chicago. I flew back from Bulgaria yesterday and am still adjusting to the time difference. That’s the one bad thing about traveling – time differences. That, and the actual traveling to your destination bit. Sitting on a plane for 10 hours does not do the butt good! 🙂

I spent a lot of time thinking on this recent trip. More so, not thinking about everything that happened – now months ago –  and it was so refreshing. Now that I am back home, the dreams started in the very first night. I knew this was how it will be, and I still believe that dealing with things head on is the best approach. Someone recently told me, a vacation is an escape from reality, that’s why we take vacations. But I don’t fully agree. I think our home should also be a happy and pleasant place. A place you shouldn’t have to “escape from.”

For 2016, I am vowing to make it just that. To be happy when I pass through all of the places in Chicago that serve as a memory, an event, or just a random stroll. Because all of those times happened for a reason. And that alone, is enough to be happy for.


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