10 Days Post


It’s a beautiful and sunny Fall day here in Chicago. My windows are beaming with sunshine and I’m eager to throw on my gym shoes after this post and take a long stroll around the lake, [hopefully to ease this splitting headache from too many vodka sodas.]

As each day passes, I believe more and more that I WILL be fine. I will be more than fine, I will be great. Sure, he crosses my mind, several times an hour, but that’s okay. I am trying not to dwell on each thought and allow it to bring me to sadness.

SO my biggest take-away, is trust yourself. Trust those feelings that never go away that he isn’t the one, that he will never change, that this just isn’t right. Although I am a huge proponent of following your heart, you have to know when it’s worth it, and this time it just was not. Most important of all – Love yourself before you allow others to love you.


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