Life After Death

I don’t want my first post to be cynical, but I must vow that if I am embarking into the blogging world, I stay 100% honest to my thoughts, feelings, and thus — blogging actions. And so, the thoughts that have been consuming my mind the past few days, and I use consuming as strongly as possible, are regarding a recent breakup. Breakup wouldn’t even begin to describe this saga of a “relationship,” as this wasn’t the first time, or second, or third… but it was certainly the one that cut the deepest.

The events that unfolded in front of me, that hopefully I may someday forget, have really made me question a lot of things. Why do we feel so strongly about love? What is ‘love’?  Something that could mean one thing to someone, could be completely interpreted differently by another. Yet love, universally, is defined as that feeling that makes you numb to all reason. The feeling that could bring you an euphoric state of happiness or the most miserable feelings you could imagine.  And then there are different types of love – loving your family, your friends, your job, and being in love…. What is the most important or should we strive to achieve all? For now, I want to focus on loving myself. Seeing what life has to offer, after this chapter has closed. What feels like a death – the loss of love – and how it will [hopefully] flourish…


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